Thursday, March 18, 2010

Terroirs d'images : Water in the vineyard

Terroirs d'Images 2010, 5th Photo Exhibit on Grape and Wine will be held on May 13-16, 2010 in the city of Aigues-Mortes (Camargue, France).

This competition brings together the best work from professional and amateur photographers around a different theme each year. In 2009, 1 500 works of art from 140 photographers were entered in competition. 130 exceptional photographs were selected. This year, the theme will be "Water in the Vineyard".

"Water and the grapevine are two elements, intricately linked in the struggle for perpetual balance. For the wine grower, Water is synonymous with confrontation; against the erosion of the soil and the accumulation of rainfall, or conversely, against drought from too much evaporation or from not enough irrigation.

The Intimacy and the Force of Nature

The relationship between water and vineyard is in a state of constant flux, and is intimately intertwined at all moments, during the course of a day or a year: dew drops, morning mist, fog, rain showers, dark skies and electrical storms, snow flurries, icicles, and hail… each of these elements divulging hints of intricate detail or exploding in spectacular landscapes, wherein all the forces of nature abound.

Water invites subtle and delicate poetic imagery with its splendent sketches of vineyards dappled with puddles and iridescent reflections, sheltered by a rainbow… where snails trail and frogs slosh about, and a pruned vine weeps a tear of sap marking the early arrival of spring or the scent of the earth, exhaling after a thunderstorm.

The Flow of Water

Water cradles and borders vineyards of the world with brooks, streams, rivers, canals, lakes, seas and oceans, or suddenly, spurts and gushes in the middle of a vineyard, a spring cascading in rivulets. Water shapes the landscape of vineyards. Numerous are examples of vineyards that run alongside mythical rivers, such as the Loire, the Rhône, the Gironde, the Charente, as well as the Douro, the Danube and the Rhine, or the St-Lawrence River in Québec; of well-known vineyards found on the coast of the Meditteranean sea or the Swiss lakes; and, of islands sheltering vineyards, such as the Açores and Canary islands, Margaux Island on the Gironde, the islands of Hvar in Croatia, or the Iles of Rhé…

These streams, lakes and seas create a spectacular phenomenon: Thriving thermal conditions promising favorable micro-climates and environments for vineyards and its surrounding culture, from the transportation of grapes and wine to the unequivocal happiness of wine growers throughout the world.

There are also surprising illustrations of the meeting between water and grapevine, such as the floating vineyards in Thailand, the South Pacific where waves come crashing within feet of the Polynesian vineyards, the edge of the South African desert where the Orange River gives life to its vineyards, or the vineyards of the Camargue, voluntarily flooded each year in its battle to regulate the natural salinity found in its earth.

"Water in the Vineyard" is essential, and a natural theme. Favorable or otherwise, wine growers of the world either benefit from or curse this gift from the skies. To the amateur and professional photographers of the world, these magnificent landscapes, where the forces of nature collide, await your arrival to capture the delicate balance these two elements and the intimacy of their alliance."

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By the beginning of the festival, we will post regularly on our Facebook page a selection of our best photos about "Water in the Vineyard" taken at Château Paillas estate.