Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chateau Paillas wines on

logo in the United Kingdom, you can now find Château Paillas wine vintage 2002 available online on , delivering to most of the UK mainland. Do not hesitate to taste one of our best Cahors wines, ready to drink from now.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chateau Paillas : Best of Cahors Malbec

Last Monday, during the Vinexpo 2009 wine fair located in Bordeaux, was held the "Malbec Summit", two seminars organized by the "Union Interprofessionelle du Vin de Cahors" to present the range of Malbec wines from all over the world and particularly from Argentina and Cahors.

The chateau Paillas wine, vintage 2005, was selected by the american wine journalist Roger Morris (Wine Enthusiast, Saveur, Beverage Media, ...) to represent the feisty and powerful Cahors wines segment at the sit-down tasting "Best of Cahors Malbec" commented by himself, Stephen Brook (english wine journalist) and François Gaillard (wine consultant in the United States)

Then they led a discussion about the quality and styles of wines produced in Cahors area with journalists, buyers and winemakers.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chateau Paillas awarded at the Feminalise wine contest

On April 23, 2009 took place the 3rd Feminalise wine contest at the "Palais des congrès" of Beaune (Burgundy) and under the chairmanship of french actress Macha Meril.

Feminalise is a wine contest exclusively reserved for women, inspired by the fact that "Women have become wine connoisseurs, 45% of them enjoy drinking wine. In France, 78% of women buy wine in supermarkets, in Germany, 70% and in the United States 80%.
Many of them actively participate in different aspects of the wine industry: production, oenology, technique, trade, sommellery, cooking, tasting, research.
Women cultivate the art of refining their instinctive senses in order to make the palate more capable, to recognize the peculiarities and subtleties of different wines, and thus to understand the pleasure of tasting, and to seek the happy match with various dishes.

This year, 350 women tasted 2350 wines including for the first time, chateau Paillas wines vintage 2002 and vintage 2005... and we've been awarded with both of them !

Silver medal

Château Paillas vintage 2002

Bronze medal

Château Paillas vintage 2005

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Terroir #1 : Introduction

terroir chateau paillasWhat is a "terroir"?

This very specific french rural word (so that it is often untranslatable in english) coming from "terre" that means land or earth, is the basis of the French wines system and relates to such diverse fields as agricultural, historical, sociological or cultural. Therefore, it is often overused.

A terroir can be defined as an limited area, considered from its agricultural capabilities, and result from complex interactions between soil, climate, vegetal and expertise of people that are working on it.

In our case, it is a mix between limestone and clay soil, temperate climate, Malbec and Merlot varieties, and our expertise in winemaking.

Terroir is the reason why connoisseurs can make the difference between Cahors wine and Malbec from Argentina ! But with training you will be able to do the same, and we'll give you the keys in next topics.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Malbec and Merlot are step brothers

malbec clusterSince September 2007 the vine is the 4th vegetal whose genome has been fully decrypted.
After Arabis (the smallest genome of the vegetable kingdom), the Poplar (to study the properties of wood) and rice (which feeds almost half the planet), it was chosen because of its importance through the cultural heritage of humanity.

Thus, through the work of conservation of old grape varieties, prospecting and new DNA analysis techniques, a team of researchers led by Jean-Michel Boursiquot was able to identify a common parent to the two main varietals of Cahors wine which are Malbec and Merlot : La Magdeleine Noire des Charentes.

Concerning their other parent, it is the Cabernet Franc for Merlot and Prunelard for Malbec, which is a colored and tannic vine, also parent of the third grape variety you can find in Cahors wines : the Tannat.

Cahors wines as Château Paillas wines : This is a family affair.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Malbec day during Vinexpo

logo vinexpoTwo weeks left before the Vinexpo 2009 fair from June 21 to 25 in Bordeaux.

In addition to the "Malbec corner" of the Union Interprofessionelle du Vin de Cahors (located Hall 1 - DE 10), where you will of course taste the wines of Château Paillas and learn more about the 3rd International Malbec Days in Cahors late May 2010, two seminars about Malbec, King grape in Cahors and Argentina will take place Monday 22 June from 10 am to 2 pm, Hall 2 Room 221.

The first, monday in the morning : "A World of Malbec : Cahors and Argentina" is about Malbec wines from both countries, "different and complementary" with coments by international journalists and vinegrowing professionals.

The second, monday afternoon : "Best Of Cahors Malbec" will introduce the range of french Malbec wines from Cahors : Tender and Fruity, Feisty and Powerful or Intense and Complex, still with professionals ...

Registration for these seminars on

If you are on the vinexpo fair and wish to meet us during the week or if you want to visit the Château Paillas (Cahors is about 2 hours by car from Bordeaux), please feel free to contact us at

Friday, June 5, 2009

News from Château Paillas vintage 2007

Cahors glassWhile our vintage 2007 is completing its ageing, we decided to taste it with our oenologist at the Office for Defense and Management of Cahors wine.
Tasting sounds promising a few months before bottling: Purple color, intense nose of raspberries and blackcurrant, Lots of fruits on the palate, good structure, very long ...
Some work must be done before bottling and we will let you know more about it very soon.