Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A great vintage 2009 for Cahors wines ?

cahors vintage 2009Even if it's too early to tell, we can make an assessment of the weather during summer. Few days before the beginning of harvest, vintage 2009 sounds promising ...

But why ? In fact, we had a unusual sunny summer in the Cahors vineyard, far above the mean. Rainfall was limited to a few stormy episodes and month of July and August were particularly warm.

If this weather continue, like it seems to be, the grapes will get ripe and healthy for the last weeks of September, slightly ahead of previous years.

But the way is long to get great Cahors wine, and for all other things, like to know if skin and pips ripeness (tannins and aromas) will complete, we have to wait until our first berry tasting. we'll see how it goes in the next days.

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