Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions #2 (A bit of geography)

What is Cahors ?
Cahors is a small town (about 20.000 people) that gave its name to the Cahors wine.
It is located in South West of France, halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, about 100 km north from the city of Toulouse and 150 km east from the city of Bordeaux.

What kind of landscape can I find around Cahors ?

The region of Cahors is a calcareous plateau from Jurassic era, digged by the river Lot. The Wine area (where we can make Cahors wines) is located west from the town of Cahors, along the river Lot, on both banks and over the plateau.
Here you can see small movies about Cahors and South West made by the tourism agency.

And what about Château Paillas ?
Château Paillas is located near the small village of Floressas in the South
West of Cahors wine area, on the edge of the plateau, overlooking the valley of the river Lot.
You can scroll on google maps to discover Cahors wine area.

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