Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chateau Paillas awarded at the Feminalise wine contest

On April 23, 2009 took place the 3rd Feminalise wine contest at the "Palais des congrès" of Beaune (Burgundy) and under the chairmanship of french actress Macha Meril.

Feminalise is a wine contest exclusively reserved for women, inspired by the fact that "Women have become wine connoisseurs, 45% of them enjoy drinking wine. In France, 78% of women buy wine in supermarkets, in Germany, 70% and in the United States 80%.
Many of them actively participate in different aspects of the wine industry: production, oenology, technique, trade, sommellery, cooking, tasting, research.
Women cultivate the art of refining their instinctive senses in order to make the palate more capable, to recognize the peculiarities and subtleties of different wines, and thus to understand the pleasure of tasting, and to seek the happy match with various dishes.

This year, 350 women tasted 2350 wines including for the first time, chateau Paillas wines vintage 2002 and vintage 2005... and we've been awarded with both of them !

Silver medal

Château Paillas vintage 2002

Bronze medal

Château Paillas vintage 2005

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