Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Terroir #1 : Introduction

terroir chateau paillasWhat is a "terroir"?

This very specific french rural word (so that it is often untranslatable in english) coming from "terre" that means land or earth, is the basis of the French wines system and relates to such diverse fields as agricultural, historical, sociological or cultural. Therefore, it is often overused.

A terroir can be defined as an limited area, considered from its agricultural capabilities, and result from complex interactions between soil, climate, vegetal and expertise of people that are working on it.

In our case, it is a mix between limestone and clay soil, temperate climate, Malbec and Merlot varieties, and our expertise in winemaking.

Terroir is the reason why connoisseurs can make the difference between Cahors wine and Malbec from Argentina ! But with training you will be able to do the same, and we'll give you the keys in next topics.

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