Sunday, May 3, 2009

Contains sulfites ?!

Maybe you have noticed the mention on labels : "contains sulfites"? Maybe you asked yourself what were sulfites to deserve to be reported ? In fact, sulfites are derivatives of sulfur.

Since its discovery, the sulfur is almost indispensable for winemakers because it allows the wine a better conservation over time. It has two main functions: to protect the wine from oxidation and to neutralize bacterial attacks still present in wine, which could lead to fatal alterations.

No efficient substitute has yet been discovered and you can find it as a preservative in many food products.

The problem with sulfites is that high doses can cause headaches or more serious reactions on particularly sensitive persons.

But be reassured, because of its Malbec grape, Cahors wine is one that contains the least. with its high concentration of polyphenols with antioxidant properties, we can avoid the amount of sulfur necessary to protect against oxidation, that's why Cahors wine has a good ageing capacity. On the contrary, white wines (which do not contain polyphenols) need higher doses for conservation, the most important doses are for sweet wines.

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