Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Malbec berry #1: The skin

Malbec berryHarvest are coming soon so we suggest you to learn more about the main material needed for Cahors winegrowers to develop their black wines : the Malbec berry.

The Malbec berry, as all grape berries can be splited into three parts: the skin, the pulp and the pips.

The skin is the most important part of the berry because it contains almost all aromatic compounds, some of the tannins and anthocyanins (one of the highest rates of red grapes) that give its black deep color to Cahors wines.

malbec clusterIt is itself covered with a waxy layer: the bloom.

The bloom is very important because it protects berries from moisture and invasion of harmful germs. In addition, it enables yeast called "indigenous", which spent the winter in the soil being deposited on the berry by the wind.

These yeasts are generally not able to complete the fermentation but sometimes (depending on the year), like the Chateau Paillas vintage 2002, the wine is fully produced with these yeasts without the addition of selected yeast.

The bloom also have the property to fix numbers of harmful products such as hydrocarbons, but fortunately Chateau Paillas winery is far from any pollution ...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Autan wind on Château Paillas

sky of autan windLast Friday, "Autan" wind was blowing on the Château Paillas !

Hot and dry from the Mediterranean sea (from South-East compared to Cahors), it is often associated with Foehn effect (chinook) thought mountains and with a typical sky as on the picture.

It is very beneficial to the wine because it allows to concentrate juice in the grapes.

Good for vintage 2008 ?