Monday, March 31, 2008

First Malbec days, final coutdown...

The first Malbec days are approaching and dressing of the Valentré bridge (which will host the show for three days starting today) has begun.

Château Paillas will be there from friday for a tasting with wine students from all over France, then saturday for a professional tasting and to sunday for all people to make them discover other Malbec producers as : Côtes de Bourg, Loire, Argentina, Spain and Italy ...

More information about the symposium on Saturday morning (where you will learn everything about Malbec) or to come to the Lounge party on Saturday evening by visiting the blog of Cahors black wine at :

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Trellising of Malbec

trellised vines of malbecAfter pruning comes fastening of the vine (guiding the cane to control the growth of the vine), it will then form a row and will allow the passage of agricultural mechanical machines or facilitate access for people to carry out all the work to be done until harvest.

At Château Paillas winery, trellising is done on two wires. The cane is folded into a bow (specificity in Cahors but widely used in Alsace for example) for a good sharing of the sap in all buds. Indeed, if the cane was bounded horizontally, there would be a lag in the growth of branches, the ones at the end of the cane would grow earlier.

On each branch will grow one to three bunchs and fan bending also allow to get better insolation of the leaves and areation of the clusters.

It is therefore very important to control yields to limit the number of buds, we will see that in the next step ...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Malbec days coming soon !

cahors wineLast time we talked about the first Malbec Days in Cahors on April 4th, 5th and 6th...

This unprecedented event, which is a big party to celebrate Malbec, the iconic variety of our Cahors black wine, is approaching.

Several events will take place around the Valentré bridge dressed for the occasion, whether you're a professional connoisseur or event amateur.

You can come and enjoy Malbec from Cahors and all over the world, attend a symposium on the Malbec or participate in a lounge party on Saturday night at the "Espace Valentré" (reservation only).

Of course Château Paillas will be present and you are welcome to share our passion for Malbec and taste our wines like our black vintage 2007.

More information by contacting us or see the official website: