Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pruning the Malbec vine

malbec vineGood wine is good grapes!

Quality of the harvest is determined by all the work done in the vineyard throughout the year starting with pruning to limit the growth of the vines and so to encourage the production of quality grape.

It takes place during winter while vine is asleep.

At Château Paillas, the pruning type is called "guyot simple" : we select the best cane of the preceding year where will grow branches of the year carrying berries.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Château Paillas celebrates its 30th harvest

This year 2008 starts the rebirth of Cahors black wine and its historical grape : The Malbec.

This year is also a special year for us because we celebrate our 30th harvest.

We decided to complement our new website creating a blog to introduce you inside our daily.

This blog will be both a link between our past and our present and a showcase of our know how and our news.

We hope you will take as much pleasure to read that we have to write it.