Wednesday, December 3, 2008

wine woman & song

wine woman and song blogDo you know Nick Cave? He's a big star with his band, The Bad Seeds and sung in a duet with Kylie Minogue in 1995. But what's the issue between Nick Cave and Château Paillas ? Let's see with that blog that I found on the web, a great blog by Juel M. Darkly pairing wines, women and songs : Wine Woman & Song.

The dark and romantic side of Nick Cave suggested Juel to recommend Château paillas vintage 2002 (Classic Malbec aroma with spicy black fruit) to the artist: "Some wines aspire to ring-tones, these wines are epic ballads. They take some time to yield in the glass, they are not instant and fun, you could say they are gruff and unfriendly; but once the story in the glass unfolds, it’s worth the wait."

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