Thursday, October 23, 2008

Maceration and extraction of Malbec

pumping over at chateau paillasDuring winemaking, while sugars are transformed into alcohol, the anthocyanins and tannins of the solid part of the berry (the skin and pips) move in the liquid part (the future wine).

But under the effect of carbon dioxide released, skins congregate in the so-called "marc cap" like a floating iceberg in the juice leaving part emerged above the liquid.

It is therefore necessary to continue to maintain contact of this cap with the juice to extract compounds. Several methods are available but at Château Paillas winery, we proceed with pumping over, which is to pump wine under the hat to sprinkle it above. The entire volume of the tank cross through the cap every day.

Maximum colour is reached in the first days of fermentation but tannins are extracted slowly so with tastings, we daily estimated extraction until what we consider the best, that will announce the running off.

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