Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy new year !

Château Paillas - Photo Credits Agnès Lescombes Photographe
Best wishes and may your days be filled with joy !

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hachette wine guide : 5th star in a row for Chateau Paillas's wine

September is the month of harvest but also publications of wine guides. In the Hachette wine guide, Château Paillas's wine is rated with a star for our 2010 vintage.

Still fruity and without oak, let's discover the comment :

"A trio of varieties of the Southwest - Malbec (77%), Merlot (20%) and a hint of Tannat - gave birth to this 2010 with flattering aromas of ripe and jammy fruits and spice. We found the same characteristics in a greedy mouth, perfectly balanced between sweet roundness and freshness. An easy access wine, waiting to be discovered."

Monday, September 16, 2013

"La bd prend l'air" comics exhibitions in Cajarc

Poster of "La bd prend l'air" 2013

"La bd prend l'air", in  partnership with Château Paillas, is back for its 16th edition on September 21st and 22nd 2013.

Honored this year : Patrice Pellerin, author of the official poster, inspired by the hero of his comic "L'Épervier".
To discover about the wine universe : "Châteaux Bordeaux" by Eric CORBEYRAN and ESPE, but also "Le bel âge" by Amélie MARCHANDOT, BLAKE ET MORTIMER's "Fantastic Vehicles" by Bernard BONNEL and many other exhibitions throughout the city ​​...

More information about exhibitions on: and the facebook page of the festival

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cahors celebrates Malbec

chateau_paillas_malbec_days"Terroir Malbec, Malbecs terroir" is the theme of the 3rd Malbec days which will take place in Cahors May 21st to 23th. One hundred producers of Malbec wines, 150 journalists, 400 professional buyers and 3,500 lovers of great wines from all around the world, will participate this year in the event.

General program :

A "Conference - International tasting" of the Cahors Malbecs from France and from Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina
Two "Tasting Seminars" directed by experts on Malbec's specificities compared to other grape varieties
Three "Tasting lounge" at the Valentré bridge transformed for the evening in the world's biggest Winebar
Four "Gastronomic tasting" pairing the best malbecs with different specialties from around the world

Enjoy this opportunity to come in Caors and taste the wines of Chateau Paillas. Either at "Espace Valentré" or on the Valentré bridge. You can contact us for further information :

Download complete printable program

Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Cahors: My first love"

Crushworthy WinesElizabeth DeHoff, network member of "Palate Press - the online wine magazine", is as she describes herself : "A professional journalist, but in the wine world, I’m strictly an (admittedly enthusiastic) amateur". Anyway, she's trying to develop her senses and take a more thoughtful approach to wine tasting. She blogs on Crushworthy Wines and came to taste Cahors wines during the Cahors malbec Tour in Washington D.C. in march. Let's see her feelings...

"Way back in 2004 or so, when I was first getting into wine, I fell in love with Cahors. I wish I could remember which wine did it, but I wasn’t taking notes at that point — all I remember is that it was earthy and rustic and utterly enchanting. Ever since that moment, I’ve snapped up every Cahors I can afford — and they’re not easy to find. So I was particularly excited to hear about a Cahors tasting in D.C. last week.
Cahors seems annoyed that Argentina has managed to position itself as the king of Malbec, if its current marketing push (“Cahors Is Malbec!”) is any indication. It’s intriguing to me that a French AOC is emphasizing a varietal, but that seems to be what the U.S. market (at least) wants right now — Lord knows it’s worked for Argentina. That said, here are a few of my favorites.

Chateau Paillas 2007 Cahors: Plum and blackberry on the nose with metallic/mineral notes. Very tannic and mouth-filling; acidic, herbal, vegetal. I don’t even really know how to describe this one besides “I love it.” It stuck with me.

In short: If you like Malbec and are not yet acquainted with Cahors, you need to fix that. It’s hard to go wrong with these wines, and they’re great values — most of the wines I tasted at this event were under $40 or even under $20. Here’s hoping it catches on!"

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Terroirs d'images : Water in the vineyard

Terroirs d'Images 2010, 5th Photo Exhibit on Grape and Wine will be held on May 13-16, 2010 in the city of Aigues-Mortes (Camargue, France).

This competition brings together the best work from professional and amateur photographers around a different theme each year. In 2009, 1 500 works of art from 140 photographers were entered in competition. 130 exceptional photographs were selected. This year, the theme will be "Water in the Vineyard".

"Water and the grapevine are two elements, intricately linked in the struggle for perpetual balance. For the wine grower, Water is synonymous with confrontation; against the erosion of the soil and the accumulation of rainfall, or conversely, against drought from too much evaporation or from not enough irrigation.

The Intimacy and the Force of Nature

The relationship between water and vineyard is in a state of constant flux, and is intimately intertwined at all moments, during the course of a day or a year: dew drops, morning mist, fog, rain showers, dark skies and electrical storms, snow flurries, icicles, and hail… each of these elements divulging hints of intricate detail or exploding in spectacular landscapes, wherein all the forces of nature abound.

Water invites subtle and delicate poetic imagery with its splendent sketches of vineyards dappled with puddles and iridescent reflections, sheltered by a rainbow… where snails trail and frogs slosh about, and a pruned vine weeps a tear of sap marking the early arrival of spring or the scent of the earth, exhaling after a thunderstorm.

The Flow of Water

Water cradles and borders vineyards of the world with brooks, streams, rivers, canals, lakes, seas and oceans, or suddenly, spurts and gushes in the middle of a vineyard, a spring cascading in rivulets. Water shapes the landscape of vineyards. Numerous are examples of vineyards that run alongside mythical rivers, such as the Loire, the Rhône, the Gironde, the Charente, as well as the Douro, the Danube and the Rhine, or the St-Lawrence River in Québec; of well-known vineyards found on the coast of the Meditteranean sea or the Swiss lakes; and, of islands sheltering vineyards, such as the Açores and Canary islands, Margaux Island on the Gironde, the islands of Hvar in Croatia, or the Iles of Rhé…

These streams, lakes and seas create a spectacular phenomenon: Thriving thermal conditions promising favorable micro-climates and environments for vineyards and its surrounding culture, from the transportation of grapes and wine to the unequivocal happiness of wine growers throughout the world.

There are also surprising illustrations of the meeting between water and grapevine, such as the floating vineyards in Thailand, the South Pacific where waves come crashing within feet of the Polynesian vineyards, the edge of the South African desert where the Orange River gives life to its vineyards, or the vineyards of the Camargue, voluntarily flooded each year in its battle to regulate the natural salinity found in its earth.

"Water in the Vineyard" is essential, and a natural theme. Favorable or otherwise, wine growers of the world either benefit from or curse this gift from the skies. To the amateur and professional photographers of the world, these magnificent landscapes, where the forces of nature collide, await your arrival to capture the delicate balance these two elements and the intimacy of their alliance."

more informations on the website :

By the beginning of the festival, we will post regularly on our Facebook page a selection of our best photos about "Water in the Vineyard" taken at Château Paillas estate.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Drink Chateau Paillas in London

If you are living in London and you want to have a good dinner enjoying a good Cahors Malbec wine, here is a selection of restaurants where you will find Château Paillas wines on the wine list.

The Palm is a classic American steakhouse legendary for prime aged steaks, jumbo Novia Scotia lobsters, premium fish and heritage Italian entrees, prepared to perfection, using only the highest quality ingredients and served in generous portions. What makes us truly unique is our genuine old world hospitality and unique atmosphere. At The Palm, the dining rooms are a panorama of the classic cartoons and caricatures of local regulars, businessmen, politicians, and celebrities which make up our impressive customer base. Each room is filled with the hearty handshakes and warms smiles from our gregarious staff and familiar guests, and always abuzz with a sea of conversation and laughter celebrating the best of everything.

The aim was to create a smaller and more intimate dining space where the owner's passion for food and wine could be further explored and the emphasis put firmly back on providing quality and hospitality for guests rather than size and media hype.

Meaning treasure in Arabic, Kenza is an ode to refinement and luxury. Be charmed by Middle Eastern hospitality as you relax into a crush of satin cushions. Let perfumed incense and fountains brimming with roses charm your senses. Relish the richness of homestyle Moroccan dishes and be enchanted by the shadow play of light through beaded lamps. Share stories over mouthfuls of spiced mezza. And, when you can’t eat another bite, relinquish yourself to the intensity of the night as belly dancers entice you to revel until dawn.

Inside restaurant has become the place to eat in Greenwich. Chef Guy Awford offers imaginative and expertly cooked modern European food in an elegant but relaxed environment. Ingredients are sourced from local suppliers who share Guy's passion for freshness & quality. A range of regularly changing menus and a carefully selected wine list, consisting of over 50 wines from Europe and the New World, make inside the perfect neighbourhood restaurant.

Enjoy your meal !!